Meet Dawn(2)

Dawn Veterinary Technician:


Dawn has been assisting Dr. Cary at VHHC since July of 2013, prior to that she was a vet tech in a local clinic where Dr. Cary was working as a relief Veterinarian.  Dawn is a very dedicated and compassionate person. Dawn is a great asset to the clinic with over 30 years’ experience combined with and her gentle calming approach with all patients.  She has spent many weekends volunteering with local spay and neuter clinics, as well as lending a hand at vaccination outreach clinics in small towns around Oklahoma.   Dawn is married to James and has two children Danielle and Zane.  She has had many pets over the years.  Currently she has 3 indoor cats and 3 outside cats.   Dawn enjoys reading and spending time outdoors.  She loves sports and was an avid Softball player for many years.